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Coast Guard monitoring

The characteristics of our transmitters stand out in the radio broadcast market

Our transmitters are recognized in the market for their unparalleled quality, performance, durability, finish and robustness. Characteristics attested by the radio-transmitter market all over the planet.


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Low Power Consumption

The latest generation LDMOS technology presents greater robustness and performance, considerably reducing the consumption of electric power.

Perfect Finishing and Robustness

Excellently finished in aluminum and stainless steel international standard. RF boards produced with Teflon based substrate and ENIG bath (gold + nickel alloy) this improves the electrical performance and the thermal stability of the whole product.


A new concept in TELEMETRY, HTML page hosted internally, so you have your transmitter at hand wherever you are.

100% Brazilian Product

Our Broadcast Transmitters are 100% designed and manufactured in our factory in Brazil, facilitating technical support and the procurement of parts and accessories.

Quality and Performance

We focus on developing a quality product aiming at the same safety and reliability of operation.

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Remote Monitoring by exclusive App.

Control your equipment from a distance

All BT transmitters are equipped with the most advanced technologies in the market. All to make it easier and more convenient to control your equipment.

Exclusive App

Developed within BT

User with free access to the equipment

Fixed IP for each transmitter

Simplified interface

Total control from any point with internet access

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What do our customers say about BT Broadcast Transmitters?

As a professional who has been in the broadcasting business for more than 40 years , I can testify to two episodes in which I could prove the quality of BT transmitters. The test lasted three months when EBC's audio transmission was made on a 25 meters shortwave frequency. The transmissions were aimed at the north and south hemispheres and were successful with satisfactory reception in several countries. In 2012 as coordinator of Engineering Maintenance at EBC I have followed since then the excellent quality of operation and maintenance of equipment installed in the EBC Transmission Park in the sector of Industries and Supply in Brasilia.
Recently I fully participated in the transmission tests of digital radio in DRM technology using BT's new digital transmitters. 

Ismar Valle Junior – Broadcast Engineer

Brasília - DF, Brazil

The name BT is synonymous with trust and credibility. Of all the people who have this product and that I know, they all have confidence and security. Extremely resistant and quality. Easy maintenance and parts replacement.

Adir Joel Seleski - Administrator of Grupo Seleski de Comunicação

Francisco Beltrao - PR, Brazil

I work with several radio stations and would like to talk a little about the BT AM transmitter, with which I have been working for more than 18 years, they are: 3kW, 5kW and 10kW. After they were installed, until today I'm only having the trouble of disconnecting and cleaning them, they have never had a malfunction. The quality and performance is fantastic, then I wonder about the FM transmitters, they must also be a spectacle. I have already recommended the BT transmitters to several professional colleagues who have the same opinion. One more detail, the transmission operator's only job is to take care of the house, because the transmitter, besides turning on and off, also reduces and increases power automatically as programmed.

Valdir Lopes da Silva - Technician

Curitiba - PR, Brazil

We were always well attended by the company, receiving information and guidance. The purchase conditions were met, including delivery time.

Clélio Ivo - Belos Montes Radio Owner

Seara - SC, Brazil

Well-regarded company, attentive and helpful to its customers. I am very satisfied.

Elídio Uliano - Managing Partner of Hiper Radio Tubarão

Tubarão - SC, Brazil

A robust product with a great cost-benefit ratio, we haven't had any problems.

Fabio Veloso - Productions Coordinator of Radio Play FM of Grupo Band RS

Porto Alegre - RS, Brazil

Fast service. Satisfied - Great equipment.

Pedro Peiter - Owner and Director of Radio Entre Rios

Palmitos - SC, Brazil

Easy-to-handle and very modern equipment.

Wandson da Costa Lima - Radio Constelação FM Manager

Guarabira - PB, Brazil

I have been working in broadcast technology for over thirty years. My first contact with BT transmitters was in twenty-one years ago. I installed all models of transmitters from 1kW to 25kW of medium wave - AM.

In the last years, I have installed FM transmitters, from the initial models to the current ones, with power from 1kW to 12kW.
As a professional in the area, I can highlight the following characteristics that motivate me to use the company's transmitters:

  • Robustness, both in the design of the electronic part and the mechanical part of the equipment;
  • Reliability, the ability to deliver 100% of the power for which they were designed;
  • Longevity, I can speak about the medium wave transmitters that were deactivated in the stations that migrated to FM, operating in perfect conditions, some equipments with more than 15 years in operation work;
  • Great sound quality;
  • National product;
  • Technical support - fast and easy access to the competent sector. As a professional in the field, this is one of the main factors.

Mario Viapiana - Broadcast Technician

Pato Branco - PR, Brazil

Since the first contact with the company we had a great service and from then on our station has maintained a great relationship with BT leading us to purchase more products.

Gustavo Barreto - Technical Manager of Rádio Cidade and Rádio Laser

Campinas - SP

We were very well assisted, from the first contact to the after-sales, always very attentive and concerned with the client.

Bruno Silva Garcia - Manager of Radio Cotrisel

São Sepé - RS

The FMM/RFI group deployed a 5kW BT transmitter in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Performance, efficiency, easy installation, and customer service to the highest standards worldwide. I had the pleasure to follow BT's collaboration with KENTA/DIGIDIA for the development and deployment of NAVTEX / NAVDAT ready transmitters. t’s more than twenty deployments around the world, including Korea and Singapore. The efficiency and robustness of the BT transmitters are key features.

I had the pleasure to follow BT's collaboration with KENTA/DIGIDIA for the development and deployment of NAVTEX / NAVDAT ready transmitters.
t’s more than twenty deployments around the world, including Korea and Singapore. The efficiency and robustness of the BT transmitters are key features.

Carlos Acciari


Very satisfied with the super service, starting with the owners and other members of the BT team. The AM and FM transmitters are second to none.

Garcia Moreno Stefanello - Director-Owner of Ibirubá AM, Ibirubá FM, Amizade FM, Cultura AM and Cultura FM radios

Ibirubá - RS, Brazil

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Our transmitters are produced in powers of 1kW, 3.5kW, 6kW, 9kW, 12kW, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW, and 36kW.
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